At TMECS, we provide a wide-range of services. Each of these services is tailored down to the very last seam to perfectly suit the needs of your elderly and your family. Some of our services are:

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy/Regular Visits

Our ElderCare Professionals/CSTherapists visit the elderly on a regular basis trying to engage the elderly and provide cognitive stimulation. The sessions, in addition to medication, aim to stabilise the neurological decline.

360° Needs Assessment

Ensuring great quality of life for your elderly is possible when the perfect balance between the medication, cognitive stimulation, physical exercise, and nutrition is achieved. A healthy home environment and a nurturing attitude by the caregivers/staff go a long-way in managing the disorder.

Needs Assessment is an integral part of the services we offer. It helps us plan and structure our Professional visits better. In addition to this, it helps us provide an in-depth report to the family about what their beloved Elderly needs, what needs are being met and what could be arranged for.

Creation/Modification of Care Plans

Each individual is different and neurodenerative disorders manifest differently in different individuals. One Care Plan cannot fit all, and hence we go to great lengths to create bespoke care plans for the elderly, taking all involved aspects into consideration.

Following the thorough needs-assessment, we provide the family with various options/ideas, all compiled in a report,  that will help them address all the needs of their elderly. While designing care plans, special consideration is given to the family’s resources and Care Plans and Systems are designed keeping the available resources in mind. We help you fill in the gaps in the care being provided to ensure that your beloved Elderly has an environment conducive to stability.

Physical Therapy

Physical Fitness is often compromised upon, especially when the elderly lose their confidence to venture out for walks or are challenged by physical problems. Our Physical Therapists help you keep them active and fit!

Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition is a very important element in care. An imbalanced diet can lead to malnourishment, mood swings and other health problems which can make depreciate the quality of life. Through Nutrition Counselling we help you ensure that the elderly is eating well!

Family Counselling and Resource Sharing

We understand that caring for an elderly can be challenging and can be a daunting task for the family. We offer counselling services that will help you through this process and share resources that will better equip you to deal with the disorder and help you maintain a loving relationship with the elderly

Staff Training and Sensitization

While finding staff in India is not difficult, finding GOOD staff is, finding good staff that one can afford is the most challenging! Most families have a trusted staff/nurse who they have known/has worked with them for many years, the said caregiver maybe ‘almost-perfect’, and bringing them closer to perfection is something we can help you with! Our training and sensitization problems are customised for every elderly and are designed keeping in mind the elderly’s personality, disorder, cognitive and emotional status and the roles and personalities of the staff. The knowledge and the attitude of the staff/caregiver play a big role in determining the quality of care.

You can pick and choose from a variety of training modules that you feel would best suit your elderly and your family’s needs. Recommendations from our end will also be made.

Staff/Caregiver Counselling

Caregivers have an elevated risk of developing stress/anxiety/mood disorders. Over long periods of caregiving, vicious cycles are created which lower the quality of care being provided to the elderly. Our Counselling sessions help staff/caregivers deal with conflicts/emotions better and thus improve the overall quality of life for your elderly.