Dementia Care

Dementia is an umbrella term that primarily houses 5 type of disorders. It refers to a global decline of cognitive capacity and can majorly impact an individuals daily functioning. This creates a challenge not only for the individual, but also for those around him or her. Unfortunately, no cure for Dementia is found yet and current medication and approaches focus on stabilising the decline and improving quality of life. Professional help and guidance help manage the symptoms better.

Each type of Dementia is different from the other and understanding this is a key element to providing quality Dementia Care. At TMECS, we very meticulously outline our Care Plans in line with this understanding. We follow a Stage-Based model in our Cognitive Care and other services. The Stage-Based model ensures that the family and the professionals keep up with the pace of the disorder and that dynamically outlined care-plans cater to the changing and growing needs of the elderly. Our structure of care varies with each disorder and we offer:

Alzheimer’s Care

Lewy-Body Dementia Care

Fronto-Temporal Dementia Care

Vascular Dementia Care

It is typical to address to all and any type of Dementia as ‘Alzheimer’s’ or merely as ‘Dementia’, this can grossly impact the care being provided and the understanding of the condition. Through our Counselling  services, we enrich your understanding of the elderly’s condition and can chart Care Plans  that help you cater to their unmet needs. Well-structured regular Visits and Cognitive Stimulation Therapy help prolong the maintenance of the elderly’s existing cognitive faculties. Different types of Dementia impact different cognitive faculties at different pace. Through our detailed Psychological and Cognitive Profiling, we chart these out and work on their prolonged maintenance.