Parkinson’s Care

Parkinson’s is a neuro-degenerative disorder marked by tremor, muscular rigidity, and slow, imprecise movement, and cognitive decline. AT TMECS we understand that every individual’s journey with Parkinson’s is different from anyone else’s, from age of onset, to the symptoms they experience, to their reactions to medications

To maintain the highest quality of daily living with Parkinson’s disease, it is extremely important to manage Nutrition and medication. There is growing evidence that individuals with mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease can benefit from Physical Therapy that targets flexibility, strengthening and cardiovascular conditioning

As Parkinson’s brain changes gradually spread, they often begin to affect mental functions, including memory and the ability to pay attention, make sound judgments and plan the steps needed to complete a task – this is characterised as Parkinson’s Dementia. Regular Visits by TMECS professionals and CSTherapists can help manage this decline better as they aid stabilisation of brain function.

Some of our other services that can help are:

  • Emotional Counselling
  • Staff Training and Counselling
  • Redesigning living spaces to accommodate change in physical needs and capacities


Through a combination of our services, we help you plan ahead to maximize adaptation to this disease; to improve the elderly’s quality of life by using assistive technologies and the expertise of allied professionals.